Monday, 16 June 2014

Oleg’s sleepover at Stella’s

When my Mum picked us up at school she said we were going to the  Riverside Sportsclub for my swimming lesson. Unfortunately, Oleg could not swim so he had to stay on the bench and watch me swim. 

After the lesson we had dinner right at the Club. We had grilled salmon with egg noodles and broccoli. Oleg gobbled his dinner and exclaimed: “This was so good! Thank you Stella!”

When we got home I built my new Lego with Oleg and he thought I was building a house for him. I explained him that it is a Lego shopping centre, and anyway he won’t fit there.

A few minutes later it was tea time. We had some cherries which was Oleg’s favorite berry.  Also we enjoyed our chocolate sweets with the evening tea. Oleg dropped three cubes of sugar in his cup.

Over tea I told him about the fantastic cello concert that took place last Friday where I played “Rigadoon” and “Walk on Mars”.

After that it was bed time. Oleg forgot his grub toy in the kitchen and I picked it up for him.

My Mum read us a very interesting story in Russian that Oleg loved. Then she wished us a very good night and closed the door to my bedroom. I hugged Oleg, Oleg hugged his toy and we were fast asleep.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Staying at Lili's

    Tuesday 10/06/2014

Oleg came to my house!

First of all he had a snack. He had baked beans and a banana. Then he had a nappy change at 17:00 (BM).

I gave him a piano lesson. He absolutely loved it! We played William Tell Overture together.

He had his dinner at 7:00 which was a big beetle and two spiders. They were roasted. He ate all of it in 5 minutes and he wanted more. So I had to find more spiders!

He helped me by monitoring my homework. Then we watched telly.

We went to bed at 8:00 and I read him a story. Before bed, I changed his nappy (BM).

In the middle of the night, he did a pee. I changed his nappy.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Staying at Claire's

Oleg’s sleepover at Stella’s

Oleg’s sleepover at Stella’s
When my Mum picked us up at Rivercourt we went to the Ravenscourt park playground. We had lots of slides, swings, adventure play and climbing. When we had enough of games we went home as we were all hungry.
For dinner we had various vegetables, chicken and noodle soup followed by sandwiches with salmon and cheese. Most of all Oleg liked the noodles tickling his nose. For desert we had marshmallows, fresh mango and chocolates.
After dinner I played my cello for Oleg and he said he loved it. His favorite  piece was “Go tell Aunt Rhody”.
Then Oleg helped me with my Geography homework. I showed him my map of the world and he said he really wanted to go to Russia.
Oleg wanted to hear a story and I read “Hetty Feather” to him. I told  that I went to the play “Hetty Feather” on Easter holidays and he wished he could come.
When it was time for bed my Mum read us a story in Russian. She wished us a very good night and closed the door. I said: “Have a very good sleep, Oleg”. He hugged his toy and whispered: “Good night” back.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Staying at Zaal's

Oleg was very lucky to stay with Zaal all over Easter. 
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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Staying at Katie's

Oleg's sleepover with Katie

Oleg and I played hide and seek and Oleg  hid behind a cushion.Then Oleg  had a  horse ride on my toy horse. After that Oleg, my dad and I put up the swing-ball. Shortly after that, we bounced on the trampoline.

Then my family, Oleg and I went to the pub and played on the climbing frame there. Oleg went down the slide with his friend. Oleg shared chicken and an ice- cream sundae with me .

Before bedtime we listened to Harry Potter. Shortly after that Oleg went to sleep on my sofa.

In the morning, I took him back to school with me.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Staying at Lili's

My meerkat sleepover diary - 30th March 2014 by Lili

Oleg and I woke up 6:30. Oleg ate wormy pasta with tomato sauce. Oleg really enjoyed and he had 2 and half bowls. Then he had BM and I had to change his nappy.

Oleg helped me with my packing for my holiday next week. Then Oleg watched me doing my homework which he got bored of and he said to me "lets do something else".

So we went to Portbello Market to buy Easter egg cases and treats. Then Oleg had another BM and he started crying. So went back home and changed his nappy.

We had sausages and cake for lunch. Then I had to go to karate training at Porchester Centre. Oleg asked me "can I come?" and I said "No" because it's very loud and i worried I might lose him. Oleg said "ok" and I put him to sleep.

When I came back from karate, Oleg was still sleeping so I had to wake him up and tell him it was dinner time. Oleg had worm fingers and chips, I had teriyaki salmon.

Then I practiced my piano and Oleg sang the songs.

We brushed our teeth and I read Oleg a bedtime story. Oleg fell asleep.

During his sleep Oleg wet his nappy  and I had to change his nappy because otherwise his bed would of got smelly and soaking wet!


Staying at Ela's

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Staying at Laila's

Oleg and I

Friday 21st March 2014

On Friday evening, Oleg and I went home after school. When we got home we first ate dinner which was some yummy pizza that Oleg really liked. After dinner we did homework for twenty minutes. Then we went upstairs so I could have a shower. We read my book Harry Potter in bed which Oleg loved and so he read one word too, till about 8.30pm.  When it was 8.30pm, Oleg and I cuddled in my bed to sleep.

Saturday 22nd March 2014

      Early on Saturday morning, Oleg and I read my book Harry Potter again.  Just like on Friday, I asked Oleg to read one word so he did. When it was 8am, Oleg and I went down stairs to have breakfast which was egg and toast. Then after breakfast, we got changed and went to Woking to visit our uncle who had just come back from Australia.
      We also met our cousin Zahra, who last week spent a weekend with us in London. Later we went to our grandmas and granddads house to meet our Uncle. Oleg and I went on the swing first (this is the swing we made with our granddad) which Oleg really liked because we went very very high on the swing. Then we went to our cousin house where won sweets in a game. We were there for about a hour then we went back to London on a long tedious car journey and then arrived back home to cuddle up in bed.

Sunday 23th March 2014

Sunday morning was calm and relaxing as Oleg and I read my book for a hour. Then we went to eat breakfast and then got changed. After that, was the fun part as we were going to go to our friend Maya's house for lunch.  When we got there we all went outside (including Oleg) to climb the trees. Oleg watched us climb the trees. We climbed from one tree to another tree and then to another  and another tree. It was quite hard but we did it in the end I even bought Oleg up in the end. We ate till we were full then we went out side to play some more on the trees. After that we went to have dessert indoors and of cause we went out side again to play on the trees. When we got home we watched TV, plus we had a bath then Oleg and I cuddled up in to bed and slept.

Laila Haider


Staying at Arielle's

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Staying at Stella's

When we came back from school I showed Oleg our house. He liked my room most of all so we played with my Lego. The calling smell from the kitchen made Oleg and me fly there. Luckily the food was ready: my favorite pasta with seafood and tomato salad with sour cream. He gobbled it up with a big smile on his face and asked for desert. So we had raspberry sorbet and Ferrero sweets.

After dinner I read Oleg Clementine Rose and played Splash Math and Happy Chef on my Ipad. Most of all Oleg liked the funny twisty crab dance in Splash Math.

I told Oleg about my family, friends and pets and invited him to come with me to Russia for my Easter holidays. He said he’d love to come and looking forward to it.

When Oleg noticed my cello he was so desperate to hear the sound of it. I taught him how to tighten the bow and put rosin on it. Oleg knew Twinkle-twinkle little star song so while I played he sang it. He refused to go to bed until I played him all pieces I knew twice.

When it was time to snuggle up in bed I was a bit sad that my special day with Oleg was over. We were in bed by ten past eight. My Mum read us a fairy tale in Russian as usual and wished Oleg and me a very good night.

Before we fell fast asleep Oleg whispered to me: “What a great day it was!” and I whispered back: “I loved it too. Good night and sweet dreams, Oleg”.

Stella Konshina, 3B

Staying at Ben's