Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Staying at Lili's

    Tuesday 10/06/2014

Oleg came to my house!

First of all he had a snack. He had baked beans and a banana. Then he had a nappy change at 17:00 (BM).

I gave him a piano lesson. He absolutely loved it! We played William Tell Overture together.

He had his dinner at 7:00 which was a big beetle and two spiders. They were roasted. He ate all of it in 5 minutes and he wanted more. So I had to find more spiders!

He helped me by monitoring my homework. Then we watched telly.

We went to bed at 8:00 and I read him a story. Before bed, I changed his nappy (BM).

In the middle of the night, he did a pee. I changed his nappy.

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  1. Did he really like his bugs? Where did you get them from? Great work Lili. :o)