Monday, 16 June 2014

Oleg’s sleepover at Stella’s

When my Mum picked us up at school she said we were going to the  Riverside Sportsclub for my swimming lesson. Unfortunately, Oleg could not swim so he had to stay on the bench and watch me swim. 

After the lesson we had dinner right at the Club. We had grilled salmon with egg noodles and broccoli. Oleg gobbled his dinner and exclaimed: “This was so good! Thank you Stella!”

When we got home I built my new Lego with Oleg and he thought I was building a house for him. I explained him that it is a Lego shopping centre, and anyway he won’t fit there.

A few minutes later it was tea time. We had some cherries which was Oleg’s favorite berry.  Also we enjoyed our chocolate sweets with the evening tea. Oleg dropped three cubes of sugar in his cup.

Over tea I told him about the fantastic cello concert that took place last Friday where I played “Rigadoon” and “Walk on Mars”.

After that it was bed time. Oleg forgot his grub toy in the kitchen and I picked it up for him.

My Mum read us a very interesting story in Russian that Oleg loved. Then she wished us a very good night and closed the door to my bedroom. I hugged Oleg, Oleg hugged his toy and we were fast asleep.

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  1. Great work Stella :o) Does Oleg like Lego then?