Sunday, 30 March 2014

Staying at Lili's

My meerkat sleepover diary - 30th March 2014 by Lili

Oleg and I woke up 6:30. Oleg ate wormy pasta with tomato sauce. Oleg really enjoyed and he had 2 and half bowls. Then he had BM and I had to change his nappy.

Oleg helped me with my packing for my holiday next week. Then Oleg watched me doing my homework which he got bored of and he said to me "lets do something else".

So we went to Portbello Market to buy Easter egg cases and treats. Then Oleg had another BM and he started crying. So went back home and changed his nappy.

We had sausages and cake for lunch. Then I had to go to karate training at Porchester Centre. Oleg asked me "can I come?" and I said "No" because it's very loud and i worried I might lose him. Oleg said "ok" and I put him to sleep.

When I came back from karate, Oleg was still sleeping so I had to wake him up and tell him it was dinner time. Oleg had worm fingers and chips, I had teriyaki salmon.

Then I practiced my piano and Oleg sang the songs.

We brushed our teeth and I read Oleg a bedtime story. Oleg fell asleep.

During his sleep Oleg wet his nappy  and I had to change his nappy because otherwise his bed would of got smelly and soaking wet!


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  1. These are great Lili - come and see me to get some house points.