Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Staying at Stella's

When we came back from school I showed Oleg our house. He liked my room most of all so we played with my Lego. The calling smell from the kitchen made Oleg and me fly there. Luckily the food was ready: my favorite pasta with seafood and tomato salad with sour cream. He gobbled it up with a big smile on his face and asked for desert. So we had raspberry sorbet and Ferrero sweets.

After dinner I read Oleg Clementine Rose and played Splash Math and Happy Chef on my Ipad. Most of all Oleg liked the funny twisty crab dance in Splash Math.

I told Oleg about my family, friends and pets and invited him to come with me to Russia for my Easter holidays. He said he’d love to come and looking forward to it.

When Oleg noticed my cello he was so desperate to hear the sound of it. I taught him how to tighten the bow and put rosin on it. Oleg knew Twinkle-twinkle little star song so while I played he sang it. He refused to go to bed until I played him all pieces I knew twice.

When it was time to snuggle up in bed I was a bit sad that my special day with Oleg was over. We were in bed by ten past eight. My Mum read us a fairy tale in Russian as usual and wished Oleg and me a very good night.

Before we fell fast asleep Oleg whispered to me: “What a great day it was!” and I whispered back: “I loved it too. Good night and sweet dreams, Oleg”.

Stella Konshina, 3B

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice time, what was the story in Russian?