Thursday, 27 March 2014

Staying at Laila's

Oleg and I

Friday 21st March 2014

On Friday evening, Oleg and I went home after school. When we got home we first ate dinner which was some yummy pizza that Oleg really liked. After dinner we did homework for twenty minutes. Then we went upstairs so I could have a shower. We read my book Harry Potter in bed which Oleg loved and so he read one word too, till about 8.30pm.  When it was 8.30pm, Oleg and I cuddled in my bed to sleep.

Saturday 22nd March 2014

      Early on Saturday morning, Oleg and I read my book Harry Potter again.  Just like on Friday, I asked Oleg to read one word so he did. When it was 8am, Oleg and I went down stairs to have breakfast which was egg and toast. Then after breakfast, we got changed and went to Woking to visit our uncle who had just come back from Australia.
      We also met our cousin Zahra, who last week spent a weekend with us in London. Later we went to our grandmas and granddads house to meet our Uncle. Oleg and I went on the swing first (this is the swing we made with our granddad) which Oleg really liked because we went very very high on the swing. Then we went to our cousin house where won sweets in a game. We were there for about a hour then we went back to London on a long tedious car journey and then arrived back home to cuddle up in bed.

Sunday 23th March 2014

Sunday morning was calm and relaxing as Oleg and I read my book for a hour. Then we went to eat breakfast and then got changed. After that, was the fun part as we were going to go to our friend Maya's house for lunch.  When we got there we all went outside (including Oleg) to climb the trees. Oleg watched us climb the trees. We climbed from one tree to another tree and then to another  and another tree. It was quite hard but we did it in the end I even bought Oleg up in the end. We ate till we were full then we went out side to play some more on the trees. After that we went to have dessert indoors and of cause we went out side again to play on the trees. When we got home we watched TV, plus we had a bath then Oleg and I cuddled up in to bed and slept.

Laila Haider


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  1. Wow you did loads over the weekend.
    I bet Oleg was tired.