Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Oleg’s sleepover at Stella’s

Oleg’s sleepover at Stella’s
When my Mum picked us up at Rivercourt we went to the Ravenscourt park playground. We had lots of slides, swings, adventure play and climbing. When we had enough of games we went home as we were all hungry.
For dinner we had various vegetables, chicken and noodle soup followed by sandwiches with salmon and cheese. Most of all Oleg liked the noodles tickling his nose. For desert we had marshmallows, fresh mango and chocolates.
After dinner I played my cello for Oleg and he said he loved it. His favorite  piece was “Go tell Aunt Rhody”.
Then Oleg helped me with my Geography homework. I showed him my map of the world and he said he really wanted to go to Russia.
Oleg wanted to hear a story and I read “Hetty Feather” to him. I told  that I went to the play “Hetty Feather” on Easter holidays and he wished he could come.
When it was time for bed my Mum read us a story in Russian. She wished us a very good night and closed the door. I said: “Have a very good sleep, Oleg”. He hugged his toy and whispered: “Good night” back.

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